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Fran Moulds comedian

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Fran Moulds is a theatre maker based in London.  She works as an actor, writer and director. Fran also teaches theatre and runs workshops with people of all ages.

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Fran studied drama at Exeter University, graduating in 2002.  In the same year she co-founded the storytelling theatre company White Rabbit Theatre.  With clowning as their inspiration, they devised and performed shows that toured schools and community centres throughout the South West.

Alongside this, Fran developed and delivered an educational programme to primary, secondary and special schools.  During this time she also ran drama workshops with deafblind adults and teenagers with special needs.

In 2004, Fran took part in intensive training with Polish theatre company Piesn Kozla. Later, in 2006, Fran trained at LISPA (London International School of Performing Arts).

In 2007, multinational storytelling theatre company You Need Me was formed, of which Fran was a core member and educational officer.  They devised three full-length shows which made regional tours and were nominated for Total Theatre and The Stage awards at the Edinburgh Fringe.  Fran is now an associate artist of the company.

Fran has worked extensively in comedy. She was a member of the Umbrella Birds, an all-female comedy sketch group, whose critically-acclaimed Edinburgh shows were made into The Ladies – two radio series produced by Hat Trick for BBC Radio 4 (2009-2010).

In 2011 and 2012 Fran wrote and performed her own solo character comedy shows at the Edinburgh festival, Curtains and Significant Human Error.

Fran works with Punchdrunk theatre company, having appeared in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2002), The Crash Of The Elysium (2011 and 2012) and The Borough (2013).  Since 2010, she has regularly delivered projects with Punchdrunk Enrichment.  Most recently, she co-wrote and performed the acclaimed The House Where Winter Lives which played at Stratford Storytelling Centre in 2012 and Perth International Festival 2014.  The show was nominated for a Helpmann award.

Fran is also a regular contributor to Coney’s Adventures in Learning, both as a writer and performer.

Her recent collaborations as a writer/director include Ga Ga Theatre’s Up and Down and The What Works’ on-going development of Cassandra.

Fran specialises in physical theatre, clown and devising.  She continues to teach theatre and run summer schools for young people. Most recently she co-led a summer school with Icon Theatre.

Fran is also a member of Bedlam Oz and has toured the world with their Human Slinkies, performing in Dubai, South Korea, Italy, Austria, Germany, France and extensively throughout the UK.