Coney HQConey are interactive theatre-makers. They weave together theatre and game design to create dynamic shows and experiences that can take place anywhere that people gather: in theatres, schools, museums, on the streets and online.

Fran has worked with Coney since 2009. She is an Associate of Coney and a regular contributor to their Adventures in Learning.

Early Days (of a better nation)

With a dynamic combination of theatre and a playing audience, Early Days (of a better nation) explores the possibilities of nationhood and democracy in a political game of unintended consequences.


“Early Days does something special: it transforms the political into the personal and makes engaged, engaging citizens of us all.”
Miriam Gillinson, Sketches on Theatre, November 2013


Media (Performer, 2013)
Anarchist (Performer, 2014)

Parliament day


Dalara the alien (Performer, 2014)

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